If you’re the kind of person that criticizes billboards when you’re in traffic or someone who likes to sit through the credits of movies because you appreciate how much work goes into making the actors look good on screen, this might be the job for you! While talent and experience are factored into consideration, the most important factor in a good candidate is the ability to be a flexible self-starter. We want someone who can take client feedback and keep going with a smile. Design experience required.

Interested? Find out how to apply by downloading the .PDF below.


The copywriting intern will assist the Marketing Director in creating well-written, high-quality social media copy, website copy, blogs, case studies and more. Knowledge of marketing concepts is a plus, but not a requirement. If you do not have a strong understanding of marketing concepts, a passion for learning must be present. Marketing writing is about combining Search Engine Optimization with User Experience. The goal is to communicate a concept as effectively as possible.

Interested? Find out how to apply by downloading the .PDF below.

Notice: Applications close Wednesday, November 18th.