7 Tips for Writing the Perfect Email Subject Line

Perhaps the most elusive and important part of the email is the subject line. It’s the first impression anyone sees about your email. It is also a major factor in whether your contact will open your email or ignore it. Here are some tips and tricks to help you write an amazing email headline.

1. Keep it Short and Sweet

People don’t have huge attention spans, especially when they are scrolling through hundreds of emails every day. Short, snappy email subject lines will help catch a reader’s attention (and is likely to improve your open rates).

2. Put the Most Important Words First

A mobile phone only shows 25-30 characters of an email headline. You want to make sure the most important information is right at the very beginning to really get your point across.

3. Use Relevant Emojis

Only 9% of email subject lines use emojis. The little icons are a great way to throw in some color and catch the user’s eyes in a sea of emails. There have also been some studies that show marketers who use emojis in subject lines have higher open rates than marketers that do not.

4. Make it Actionable

Whether you’re promoting a limited time sale, or you’re sharing a new blog – make sure your subject line encourages people to act.

5. Share the Value People Will Get from Your Email

As much as we wish they did, people don’t just click on emails because we want them too. A good email should be like an exchange. Your clients are giving you their time, in return you are giving them something valuable. People need to know what that value is before they click.

6. Use Personalization Tokens

Let people know the email was intended for them. If your email platform allows it, add a personalization token like their name or business name in the subject line.


It puts the user on edge and while it might catch the user’s attention, it’s not going to catch it in the right way. Too many caps or special characters will automatically make your email seem like (We have to whisper this word because it’s the kiss of death for emails) SPAM.

Use these steps to write your next email headline:

1. What do I want to promote?

Ex. – Our new Bucketload of Bluberry deal

2. What is my Goal?

Ex. – Bucketload of Bluberry purchases

3. Write Your First Attempt

Ex. – Get a Bucketload of Blueberries from ABC Corporation for Your Family

4. Move the Key Message to the Beginning of the Subject Line

Ex. – Bucketload of Blueberries from ABC Corporation for Your Family.

5. Add a Relevant Emoji

Ex. – There aren’t any relevant emojis for this email, but don’t worry – there’s a blueberry emoji coming in 2020

6. Make it Timely

Ex. – Bucketload of Blueberries for a limited time from ABC Corporation for Your Family.

7. Communicate the Value

Ex. – Bucketload of Blueberries on sale for a limited time from ABC Corporation for Your Family.

8. Add a personalization token

Ex. – Bucketload of Blueberries on sale for a limited time from ABC Corporation for [First Name].


Ex. – Bucket of Blueberries flash sale just for you, [First Name].

This final email subject line is 45 characters plus the client’s name – it’s definitely short and sweet and would work well on desktop. The first 30 characters of the subject line is “Bucket of Blueberries flash sa”. This is enough to pique the user’s interest even on mobile.

If you have any questions about how to write the perfect email subject line, drop us a line. One of our talented marketing professionals will be in touch to help you out!




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