An Overview of the Social Media Channels – Part 2

We recently reviewed the top 3 social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Today we will be discussing some of the more targeted social media channels.

All these channels have one crucial thing in common – they are all visual content heavy. That means if you want to launch these channels, you must make sure you have the resources to create visual content.


Instagram is a powerhouse social media platform with 1 billion users. That’s more than Twitter or LinkedIn, but we did not classify it in our top 3 social media channels because of one key stat – the average age of an Instagram user is 34 years old. That’s right. Instagram is a young man’s game.

Users on Instagram can share videos and images – but they cannot share links. The only links you can have on Instagram are in a bio (and even then, you can only share 1 link). Instagram has high engagement and high usage within their audience. 63 million people log on each day, and users spend an average of 28 minutes per day on the channel.

Hashtags are an essential part of any Instagram strategy, but make sure you stick to relevant (and not spammy) hashtags.

If you’re going to include Instagram in your social media strategy, make sure you produce content that is visually appealing and engaging.


If your audience is a part of the Pinterest user base, then you are in luck. Pinterest is a social media platform of visual content created by brands and influencers. It is the rare social media channel that relies on companies to create content instead of the users.

Many people will turn to Pinterest for tips and tricks, baking ideas, household management, beauty inspiration, and much more. 80% of mothers who use the internet are on Pinterest.

This is a great platform to be on, especially if you want to take an educational approach to social media. Creating content that answers your customers’ questions is a surefire way to be found.

50% of Pinterest users earn $50k a year or higher, and 10% have a household income higher than $125k per year. This means there is vast potential for sales through Pinterest.

If you are sharing content on Pinterest, make sure it has some value to your target customer and make sure it is visually engaging.


Snapchat is a visual instant messaging platform that allows users to send their friends videos and images that disappear after the content is viewed. Users can also share posts on their stories. That content will be visible to their connections for unlimited views over the next 24 hours.

What’s most interesting about Snapchat is 90% of its users are aged 13-24. That means unless you are selling to this specific age range, Snapchat probably isn’t for you.

Snapchat is an excellent platform for content creation organizations like BuzzFeed or Cosmopolitan. Similar to Instagram, Snapchat takes significant effort to create high-quality and engaging content continually. However, it is easier to share long-form content like blogs or articles on Snapchat.

It would be a rare instance if we recommended Snapchat as part of a digital strategy. If you do decide to pursue Snapchat, make sure you create engaging content that keeps people watching.

Still, have questions over which social media channels are right for you? Drop us a line, and our team of experts will help you figure out the perfect solution for your social media needs.




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