Bluberry Creative's Year in Review

Relaunch a company in 2020, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

And it was.

But it was also challenging. It was staying at the office until 2 in the morning and logging into a meeting at 8:00 am the next day. It was learning what kind of clients don’t fit with our brand. It was going against our business sense to stand by our company values.

It was creating something new and powerful and wonderful and amazing.

In 2020, we:

  • Filed our LLC – officially saying goodbye to our old, independent agencies Savvy Bee and Really Great Branding

  • Hired our first team member – she was the first interview and the last interview. We don’t regret that.

  • Prepared to bring on more talent in March (which we quickly had to abandon in response to COVID)

  • Shut down our office to protect our team member’s health. We miss that office and hope to be back someday soon!

  • Instituted Settlers of Catan Fridays to maintain contact (and friendship) in a virtual world. Christian is still struggling to be successful with this…

  • Pivoted…. And pivoted…. And pivoted…. To ensure, we could keep our team member, and ourselves paid

  • Rebuilt our business to the point where we can hire two new team members who have joined us this year (though we really wish we could have hired everyone we interviewed! Seriously – they were amazing)

It’s impossible to say we are thankful for all the trials and tribulations this year has thrown us. Even if they made us better as a company, the tragic losses that 2020 has brought to our communities will always make us remember this year with reverence instead of joy.

We were incredibly lucky this year. We know many others were not.

We have grown. We have laughed. We have cried.

We have loved it. Because we love what we do.

We love Bluberry Creative. Here’s to everything she throws at us next.




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