Can Social Media Marketing Be Automated?

Social media automation websites allow users to schedule posts, monitor conversations and make suggestions for engagement. Sounds great, right?

As helpful as automation tools are, you are not likely to find everything you're looking for in one outlet. Different sites offer unique tools that may seem like they're taking the stress out of your social media marketing. In reality, these tools may be limiting your opportunity to authentically interact with your followers and make you miss timely news.

Scheduling Posts

Social media monitoring sites allow you to schedule content that you want to be released. Some will even suggest the best times and days of the week for engagement. We find this a useful tool because we know we won’t forget to share a post on a specific date because it has already been scheduled. One caveat is that we always use native scheduling when possible. Our data analysis has shown posts schedule through Facebook and Instagram perform better on average than those scheduled through a third party.

Monitoring Conversations

There are monitoring tools available to tell you when your company is mentioned or if topics you're interested in are trending. This information is extremely useful for marketing, but there's a strong possibility that you are missing other conversations. If authentic engagement is your goal, your best bet is to have a human behind a keyboard to join discussions and be aware of what's happening in real-time.

Syncing Content

Some monitoring sites are one-stop-shops, allowing you to post to multiple platforms from one place. With this type of automation, you can share content, photos, and articles without switching browsers. We strongly dissuade many of our customers from doing this in most situations because each channel has its own algorithm. Content that works on one channel is not likely to work well on every other channel.

Reporting Performance

This is probably the most frequent form of social media automation we see. Unfortunately, if you are not familiar with the data and what it means, an automated report could give you the wrong impression of your account performance. If you use automated reporting, we recommend having a digital marketing specialist review the data and provide recommendations.

Is it Right for You?

Our suggestion: use automation sites to stay organized and take some of the pressure off of yourself. Don't let it take over.


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