Creating a Content Calendar

Content calendars are a vital marketing tool that smart marketers should always use. We use content calendars to organize information that we want to share with you, our partners. Keep reading for a more in-depth look into how we create our content calendars.

Step 1: Create a theme for each month

When we begin creating, we start with figuring out a theme for each month. It’s ok to combine months or to repeat a theme- do whatever you think is best. Think of the theme as a big umbrella for the topics that you want to cover. This big idea will influence your blogs and social media posts.

Blu Example: November - Appreciation and thankfulness

Step 2: Create blog topics

Once you have created the themes, come up with your blog topics. If you only have time for one blog, make it a great one! If you have a lot of information to share on a topic, create as many as you can accomplish. (In this case, you might want to consider covering this topic over two months.)

Blu Example: Show appreciation for anyone or anything you are thankful for. Check out our past blogs here!

Step 3: Create social media content

Your social media content does not have to fit in with your theme, but it is nice when it does. Following the theme makes planning more manageable, and your followers have an idea of what to expect.

Blu Example: Social media posts showing and expressing your thanks -- Blu is thankful for you, our partners!

Step 4: Mapping your posts

At this point, you are ready to start creating, but we like to take an extra step to map out when we want to schedule our posts. We use a blank monthly calendar and pinpoint the days that we want to organize our blog and social media posts. This also helps us stay on top of upcoming holidays.

Blu Example: If our goal is 20 posts in a month, we schedule that many on the calendar and include holidays! We also pay attention to the times and dates our partners are most likely to see our content.

Step 5: Write, Write, Write

You have reached the final step in content calendar creation! Use everything you have made to help you write your content. When writing, make sure that you are using your brand’s voice to connect with your audience.

If you have any questions or you need us to help, reach out!




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