Everything You Need to Know About Facebook

Updated: Feb 6

Guest Column: Chase Garcia & Ayah Obeid

Time and time again, Facebook has proven itself to be a massive digital marketing resource. With a global outreach of 2.7 billion registered users, Facebook is the perfect place for businesses to interact and engage with their target audiences.

Why has Facebook stood the Test of Time?

We can answer that question with one word – personalization. Facebook thrives on individual and innovative content. Whether you're an independent photographer looking to expand your business or a well-established company looking to connect with your customers, Facebook has so much to offer you. Its user interface is one of the most versatile and most straightforward to use.

It's Always In Budget

In addition to being relatively easy to use and understand, Facebook also has some of the most advanced digital marketing tools of any social media platform. The best part, regardless of your marketing budget, Facebook is a cost-effective option.

For businesses with smaller budgets, simply maintaining an active and engaging social media presence can attract potential customers and build your online brand. Moreover, Facebook provides all the tools you need to do so. You can sell your products directly through Online Marketplace, customer interactions can be managed through the Messenger App, and most importantly, you can track interactions with Facebook Analytics.

How to Expand Your Reach on Facebook

Facebook's ad service offers a hub to bridge the gap between business and consumers. The ads are tailored to encourage more user interaction, brand awareness, and lead generation. Moreover, Facebook's targeting software makes it easy to break down several factors like location, demographics, or consumer behavior by importance, to better understand and attract your target audience.

Is Facebook Still Worth it?

Absolutely! In a time when a social media presence has become all the more important, there has never been a better time to start. With a growth rate of about 300 new accounts per minute, the platform has remained at the forefront of the fast-paced, ever-changing internet climate.

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