How Can I Tell if My Website is Working for Me?

You’ve got a website. Someone in IT tells you it’s up and running well, but does that mean your website is doing what it should? Or is it a huge hassle that everyone avoids or ignores. Ask yourself these questions to find out if your website is actually working for you.

Is Your Website Generating Conversions?

The first thing I would check is how many conversions has your website generated? Do people fill out forms on your website? Do they click to call from your site? Have you generated any revenue from people who have used your website?

There are all relatively simple things you can track through Google Analytics and are the best indicator of website performance.

How Many People Land on Your Website and then Leave Without Doing Anything?

This is known as “Bounce Rate” and is a website KILLER. If you have a high bounce rate, it means that a lot of people are landing on your website and then leaving without getting any real value from it. This tells search engines like Google that your website isn’t very good, and they are likely to show your website less.

Where is Your Website Traffic Coming From?

You can use Google Analytics to check the source of all your website traffic. There are a few main sources that people can use to find your site, including organic, direct, and social. Organic traffic is traffic that comes from search engines from a listing that is not an ad. Direct traffic occurs when someone types in your website URL and goes directly to your page. Social traffic is traffic that comes from links shared on social media pages.

If you don’t have too many people coming to your website organically (or any at all), it means your site is not optimized for search engines. You probably need to invest in some quality SEO to keep getting traffic.

If you don’t have direct traffic, it means that not many people have used your website before, and your internal team probably doesn’t use your website as a sales tool. Your website should always be a useful tool for your sales team to convert leads.

What are People Searching for Before they Land on My Page?

In order to answer this question, you need Google Search Console to be set up. That will allow you to look at the keywords people searched before landing on your page. If people are searching for “red cars” before they land on your page, but you only sell blue cars, that means your website is optimized with the wrong keywords.

These are just 4 simple questions you can ask yourself to find out if your website is working for you or just taking up space on the internet. Want a website that actually drives your business goals? Reach out to us today, and we will help you get started!

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