How to Create a Content Calendar

We know what you’re thinking –

Laura… how do you manage to keep up with publishing such high-quality content so regularly? You must be superhuman or something.

Well lucky for you, we are here to let you in on a little secret – content calendars!

What is A Content Calendar?

A content calendar is a 6-month or year-long roadmap for your upcoming content. Some key items to include on a content calendar are monthly themes, specific blog or case study topics, video topics, key holiday dates, and publishing dates.

These should be planned out at critical times to prepare for the future. We always write our Bluberry Creative content calendars at the end of the year in preparation for the next year.

Why Do I Need a Content Calendar?

Simply put – keeping up with your content is HARD. Life gets busy, customer needs come first, and sometimes inspiration doesn’t come up when you need it! However, if you already have a plan laid out for you ahead of time, it becomes much easier to keep up with your content. (Trust us… MUCH easier).

How Do I Create a Content Calendar?

Mapping out your content for a whole year can seem daunting – but if you take it step by step, you will be able to create a thoughtful and valuable content calendar for you and your team.

  1. Write out the channels you want to utilize

  2. Decide on a frequency for posting on each of those channels

  3. Pick a theme for each month

  4. Expand from there to have a topic for each long-form piece of content you want to publish

What if I Mess Up on My Plan?

You won’t always be perfect – that’s okay. If you forget a month or miss out on posting it, just make sure you pick up where you can again. Keep it going, and watch your content thrive!

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