Is Instagram Right for Your Business?

Updated: Feb 6

You may already have a personal Instagram account, but you’re not quite sure if you’re ready for a business account. Instagram is more than images of celebrities eating ice cream and cute photos of dogs. Instagram Business is another outlet to build relationships and interact with followers.

Start With a Goal and Develop a Plan

Is your business a start-up, and you want to build an online presence while gaining a name for itself? Or is it already established, and you are looking for new ways to connect with others? Establish what you want to achieve from using Instagram’s platform and develop a plan. Common social media goals include:

  • Growing the brand

  • Engaging with customers

  • Increasing leads and sales

Picture This!

Instagram is a platform to capture your company’s brand and values with images. Your followers want to know who you are and what you do. Tell followers about the business in the bio section and show them what makes you great with images.

Instagram Business Profile

You can gain insights into your business followers in real-time. The Instagram business profile includes functions for business contact information, interacting with followers, and promoting ads.

Targeting Your Audience

See how followers are interacting with the business page by viewing analytics. Analytics on an Instagram report include where customers are located, what days and times they interact with your page, and their general demographic information. Analytics are a wealth of knowledge to understand who the target audience is.

Tag - You’re It

Everything is digital now, and Instagram has a feature to add product tags to images. Followers can select a photo, see the name and price of a product, and make a purchase. Posts with product tags draw customers to your website. Loyal followers can also tag your business in a photo or mention your business in their posts.

Think Outside of the Box

Don’t limit your profile to the default square images. There are many options to show off your products, services, and skills.

  • Videos - Short videos can take the place of still images.

  • Boomerang - Boomerang video clips are popular loop a few seconds of fun.

  • Layouts - Display multiple photos in one space by using the layout feature.

  • Stories - Share highlights of your business in a story. Stories are only active for 24 hours.

Instagram is excellent for businesses and growing your brand. Contact us for more information.




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