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LinkedIn: Your Professional Swiss Army Knife

LinkedIn is more than just a platform for individuals to find jobs and share their professional accomplishments. With over 700 million users, the social media platform has proven to be an invaluable resource for businesses worldwide.

The Obvious Asset

Over the years, LinkedIn has become the preeminent social networking platform for companies to recruit and hire exceptional talent. Not only does the platform make it easy for companies to connect with and learn about potential candidates, but it is also just as simple for candidates to more about the business they applied to by checking out your business page.

Connect With Your Target Audience

A LinkedIn business page is a perfect way to connect with your target audience, especially for B2B companies. The platform makes it is easy to connect with business owners and professionals through posts, comments, messages, and sponsored content. Moreover, because LinkedIn is designed to attract professionals worldwide, B2B companies are likely to find a higher concentration of their target market on the platform. As a result, LinkedIn has proven to have the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, three times higher than both Facebook and Twitter.

Leverage Your employees

As a business on Linkedin, your employees are some of the most valuable assets you could have. Your employees have professional networks outside of your business. As such, through them, your company can connect with individuals and companies who may not have seen your content. In short, your employees are the perfect people to advocate and promote your brand.

Showcase Pages

One of the platform's best features is its showcase pages, which are extensions of your company's LinkedIn page. Suppose your company is looking to shine a light on a specific promotion, a new initiative, or just looking to target a particular audience; showcase pages are the perfect tool for doing so. Complete with the same posting options and analytics as your main pages, showcases pages allow businesses to focus on specific content without diluting the main brand page. Once created, these pages are listed on "Affliliiated Pages" on the companies main LinkedIn page but stand on their own.

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