Our Predictions for 2021

Listen. We know. Making predictions for the next year seems futile when we really don’t know what will be happening next year. We get the entire process sounds SILLY. If anyone predicted 2020 would unfold the way it did, we would say they were a witch. However, the shifts in consumer behavior we saw can tell us a little bit about what we can anticipate for next year.

Get Online or Give Up

Okay – that sentiment may be a little intense (but only a little). Shoppers won’t stumble across your business while walking down the street anymore. Whether COVID restrictions are lifted tomorrow or ten months from now, we have become reliant on online shopping and quick delivery. Even if some of your customers are excited to be back in stores, you have to make sure you are accessible for ALL of your customers.

Customer Service Will Be Key

Consumers have a LOT to think about these days. With so many concerns in everyday life, companies that can knock their customer service out of the park will have a leg up. Think of new ways you can leverage your team to provide exceptional service, and your customers will thank you.

Emotional Connections Will Take You Further

Your customer’s budgets are being stretched. When they choose to spend money with you – it says a lot. Do what you can to form an emotional connection with your customers, so they know they made the right choice working with you. Handwritten letters, thinking-of-you phone calls, and thank you gifts will bond your customers to you and keep them coming back.

Risky Prediction: Desktop May Reclaim Some Stake

When we were driving to work, soccer practice, book club, and dinner reservations, we relied on our phones to get us there and provide the information we needed right there. Due to COVID restrictions, we are driving less and are spending more time in front of our computers. Even though mobile has been making considerable gains in online mediums, we predict that desktop may temporarily regain dominance.

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