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Thankful for Google Analytics

It's that time of year. Time for everyone to gather 'round and share what they're thankful for. And while we're grateful for our friends, family, and the newest addition to the Bluberry family, an adorable dog named Piper, we decided to highlight something else we're thankful for this year: Google Analytics! By far, Google Analytics is one of the best analytics platforms on the market for marketers and advertisers. Below we're going to highlight our top ten favorite Google Analytics features.

1. It's Free

First and foremost, it's free. Although cost isn't everything, for the amount of information Google Analytics provides and the fact that other similar platforms do cost money...well, Google for the win.

2. It's customizable

The platform allows you to focus on the most important data to you and then create customizable reports that showcase precisely the information needed to gain insight and make better, more informed decisions.

3. Easy Integration

Like most other Google services, Analytics is easily integrated with other tools and platforms, allowing you to create a dashboard all your own. Not only that, through the Analytics app, you can access your data on your tablet or smartphone.

4. Real-time Insights

At any given time, you can log into your Analytics account and find out what's happening on your website in real-time.

5. Visitor Information

Google Analytics provides detailed information about the visitors coming to your website, such as how they accessed the site or even what country they are in. This type of information can help you better understand your target audience, and as such, often can help you tailor your content or advertising for them.

6. Segmentation is Easy

With all of the data, Google Analytics collects, the platform makes it easy to segment your audience and create content for unique audiences.

7. It's Pretty Intuitive

If you set aside some time to sit down and learn how to use the platform, you'll soon know how to work with the tools and interact with the dashboard and reports it offers. Moreover, for any extra help or knowledge, google offers several trainings and tutorials that can help break down the system even more.

8. Page Popularity

Google Analytics can tell you precisely which of the pages on your website are most popular and which aren't living up to their potential. Pair this with the extensive bounce rate insights google provides, and it becomes easier to understand what content is most valuable to your audience.

9. Anayzle Source Traffic

Google Analytics can show you how users are being driven to your website. The platform will tell you whether your audience found you through organic search results or traffic is coming predominantly through a referral link. This is a great way to determine how various successful traffic sources are and if certain advertisements are performing well.

10. Social Media

Google Analytics is more than just website traffic. It helps determine the conversion value of each social media platform you're using and find out which sites are most valuable for your business, and subsequently, what content works best for your target audience.

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