Thankful for Our Partners

If you’re not familiar with our back story, co-founders Christian and Laura both ran marketing agencies before combining forces and creating Bluberry Creative. We started collaborating in October of 2019 and made it official at the beginning of the new year.

Our hopes and dreams for our newly merged company were high. We got into this business for one reason and one reason only – to help our partners grow.

Then the unthinkable happened. COVID-19 came in and destroyed hundreds of businesses. Let us be clear – we stand firm in the fact that the worst consequences of the pandemic is the tragic loss of life. However, we also join many other business owners in mourning the effects the pandemic has had on our business. This is not what we wanted. This is not what we planned for.

As a company that works to help our partners grow, it has been especially difficult to watch so many companies face difficult struggles and decisions.

This November, we are thankful for our partners. We are thankful for everyone who has stuck with us through this pandemic. We would not be able to be where we are today without them. We are thankful for your trust – allowing us to help you grow your business, even in uncertain times.

We are also thankful for our partners who have not been able to remain with us. It would be the understatement of the year to say these are unprecedented times. We know that every business owner must make the best decisions for their circumstances. We wish you the best and hope you will bounce back soon and stronger than ever.

Finally, we are thankful for our supporters. We are thankful for our friends, families, and colleagues who refer us and encourage us. Our cheerleaders. You give us the strength to go on as we work to support our partners.


Thank you to everyone who has stood with us this year.

Here’s to 2021.




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