Thankful for the Bluberry Team

We’ve spent the month discussing some things we are incredibly thankful for, but there is one last thing I need to mention before we close out the year.

I am thankful for my team.

There is no one I would rather face these uncertain times with other than the team we have assembled at Bluberry Creative.

Whether we are facing a complicated design challenge or generating leads, my team is there to help deliver the best possible results for our partners. While I sometimes find myself frustrated that my co-founder Christian doesn’t “just do it,” his commitment to quality always wins in the end. It’s why we have managed to deliver amazing brands and designs when many people look at marketing as a luxury.

They are always there to help me, support me, encourage me, and take on new challenges with me. And though they will never steal the title of “Settlers of Catan Queen” from me, I am eternally grateful for their hard work, dedication, and friendship.

- Laura Dodds

My dad was adopted when he was 10. And if John Hughes movies have anything to teach us, school bullies in the early 80’s were the finest schoolyard tyrants America has ever produced. In fact, they used to make fun of him about being adopted. His stone-cold retort? “My parents CHOSE me. They’re stuck with you!” Family is everything. While we can’t do anything about the ones we’re born in, we certainly have a say in the ones that we choose for ourselves. Choosing Laura as the person with whom I would start my business family is a decision that I am thankful I made. This decision, in this year alone, has drastically changed both my life’s quality and trajectory. This is proof of my next point: in a way, we have a greater responsibility to the families that we choose, than the ones with whom we share blood.

The Bluberry Creative family is growing as we enter 2021. I’m thankful for that, in itself! However, I am more thankful for the weighty responsibility and beautiful privilege of caring for this family and making sure that we are all physically, emotionally, and mentally provided for. There may be friction in our disagreements, and there may be bickering when we’re all seated around the table playing Catan (especially from me, who is perpetually losing). However, in this dissonance, we find ourselves ever-growing as people, as partners, and as a company. For both the harmonies and the notes in between, I am thankful.

-Christian Madison




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