What is Long Form Content?

Have you heard your marketing team talking about ‘long-form’ content and started to scratch your head? What counts as long-form content? Do I really need it? Will it benefit me?

We get it – long-form content is a somewhat scary concept, but this handy guide will answer all of your questions and help you decide if long-form content is right for you!

The Basics: What is “Long-Form Content”?

Simply put, long-form content is content that is – well – long. This could be anywhere upwards of twice the length of a blog. At Bluberry Creative, we typically aim to make our blogs between 300-500 words. That means you should be looking at about +1,000 words for a piece of long-form content.

The Goal of Long-Form Content

The goal of this type of content should always be to add extra value to your clients or customers. People won’t read something just because you wrote it – you need to make sure it provides some sort of benefit to your readers.

Think of it as an exchange. They are providing you with something valuable – their time. In turn, you need to provide them with something valuable.

This can be anything from resources that will help them do their job better or a special DIY plan. Just make sure it is unique and relevant to your business.

Turning Long-Form Content into Leads

One of our favorite strategies for generating leads is to make the long-form content gated. The basic concept goes something like this –

  1. We create a piece of long-form content

  2. We put that content behind a form (Name, Email Address, Phone)

  3. We promote the case study for leads

This works especially well if you are promoting high-value content. If it is something that your target customer finds valuable, they’ll be willing to provide you with their contact information.

White-Papers and Case Studies: Our Two Favorite Types of Long-Form Content

White Papers

White papers typically tend to be an academic look into a certain problem or product. They can provide detailed specs or solutions.

Case Studies

Case studies are a detailed look into how a product or service you offer has helped a customer. This is typically an example of your most successful account or brand experience.

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