What is the Benefit of Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a valuable part of 70% of marketer’s strategies. But why do so many people value this strategy? Simply put – it works.

Read this to learn how.

It Helps with SEO

Adding fresh content is incredibly valuable for Search Engine Optimization. It shows search engines that you are actively investing in your own website to make sure you have the latest and greatest information.

Content marketing is also a really great way to improve your search rankings for certain keywords. If you have certain keywords you would like to start ranking for, you can start creating content around those keywords and start to improve your web visibility.

It Helps Generate Leads

You can use content in many ways to connect with potential leads. Here is a simple example of this:

You sell Product A. Product A has many competitors, but none compare to what you have to offer. You know your audience likes to do some research before they make any solid decisions. Creating a blog that compares the benefits between Product A and all your competitors can help you generate more leads!

It Helps Improve Web Statistics

Content marketing can help improve your web statistics because it gives your audience an excuse to be on your website, even when they are not looking to purchase. Some web stats that we see improving with content marketing include:

  • Pageviews

  • Users

  • Time-on-page

It Helps Establish Thought Leadership

The best way to get your customers to trust you is to prove that you know what you’re talking about. Make your website and your brand a go-to source for everything related to your industry. Thought leadership is incredibly valuable and can make you standout among your competitors.

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