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Why Isn't My Social Media Marketing Working?

Social media marketing is still a form of marketing, and like every form of marketing, it has its challenges and rules. Sometimes it may feel like you're hitting a wall with your strategy, and despite your best efforts, your social media strategy still isn't working for you.

The problem that many companies face is that social media marketing is deceptively simple. You have probably seen so many people on social media that it seems relatively easy to do. Because of this, entrepreneurs and businesses often make some common mistakes that limit their ability to generate brand awareness and grow their audience. Below are a few of the common missteps we've seen over the years.

1. You Don't Know Your Audience.

Not knowing your audience is one of the most crucial aspects of social media marketing. If you do not have this part figured out, it means you're either talking to the wrong group of people or trying to talk to everyone. Either way, you're wasting your content trying to connect to an audience that is not interested in what you are trying to sell. For your social media marketing to work, you need an in-depth understanding of your target audience, their wants, needs, and the problem you are trying to solve for them.

2. You Aren't Consistent.

Social media is all about consistency, especially from businesses and brands. If you are not posting consistently, then nine times out of ten, the content you are creating is not generating brand awareness that you'll need to stay relevant to your target audience. Creating a content schedule and sticking to it is a great way to help you remain consistent when posting.

3. You Don't Understand the Data.

Data is the key to social media marketing. If you don't understand the data, you are unlikely to be successful at it. Not only do you need to understand the individual metric data on each platform you post on, but you also need to know how your audience's buyer's journey. Consumers rarely ever shop or accumulate information in a straight line. If you do not understand your audience, it will be challenging to adjust your social media strategies to serve them better. Taking the time to learn how each social media platform tracks data and how to navigate third-party resources like Google Analytics can make all the difference for your social media strategy.

4. You Only Post About Your Product or Service.

Yes, while the goal is eventually to get your customers to buy something, only posting about your product or service is the fastest way to lose followers. You want to spend time adding value to the community you are building and establishing yourself as an industry expert and resource for them. Social media marketing is the opportunity for you to show your target audience another side of your business outside just buying your product or service. Your platform should not be all about promotion. Instead, use your social media to make authentic connections whenever you can.

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